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Winsol is a legal steroid which is used for the cutting phase. It is a legal alternative of world-famous steroid Winstrol, which was popular once amongst athletes and famous bodybuilders. Because of the side effects, the steroid is replaced by thousands of alternatives, but only Crazy Bulk promises the actual mimicking effects which make the cutting cycle a lot easier.

My Introduction

Hello, I am Jesse and I am here to present my own review of this revolutionary supplement called Winsol.

winsol review

I am 28 years old and living a contented life with my partner. I own a business and my personal hobbies are mostly related to the adventures.

The purpose of giving the Winsol review is to show people who lack understanding about this product.

Not like I needed the supplement so much, I do work out regularly and never have I used any kind of steroid.

Recently there have been so many rumors about legal steroid which can transform your body’s to something which you see in movies or television.

A ripped, naturally strong and masculine physique, so I thought of giving it a try.

Below I have mentioned many traces of fact about the product, its company, ingredients, Winsol before and after results and everything following which you can attain an impressive physique as I have.

So let’s get started…

What is Winsol?

Winsol is a bodybuilding supplement which is basically an herbal formula used in cutting phase.

Winsol results

From herbal I definitely mean there are no harmful effects related to Winsol since Crazy Bulk, the maker of winsol only utilizes natural ingredients into its every supplement.

Made for enhancing the physical effort level of an individual, Winsol is an efficient fat burner which battles the process of lipogenesis and only leaves the lean mass on under your skin.

My Notes:

There are hundreds of different supplements available calling themselves natural and more efficient, not to mention 99% of them are total junk.

I only ordered Winsol because I saw the name “Crazy Bulk” which produces legal alternatives for every anabolic steroid and by far their reviews are 100% satisfactory.

What is it for?

If you have collected so much of bulk in your body and now you are re-thinking to drain it out, Winsol can be the ideal supplement of choice.

It is recommended for the individuals who are looking for achieving a cutting shaped body with a less fat percentage.

In short, Winsol is for:

  • Overweight people who are about to start a gym
  • Building lean muscle mass
  • Fat reduction
  • Performance enhancement

How Winsol Actually Works?

Like the original Winstrol, Winsol can get you the best outcomes in only a matter of a few weeks.

You got to be punctual at the gym and keep taking healthy diet and you are going to become like an MMA fighter.

Winsol’s exact mode of action is very important to know because that’s how it works in your system.

  1. Increase Blood Flow: Enhanced blood supply keeps your physical efforts above the chart and gives your muscle cells a regular dose of NITRIC OXIDE, which is known to increase strength level at different cutting phase steps.
  2. Saves the lean body mass: Keeping the lean mass while burning body fat is a crucial task. For that Winsol gives a boost to fat loss and does not affect your gains a bit.
  3. It Stops Water Retention: The puffy appearance of your face and body exist because of immense water retention, which is a natural process of the body to keep the cells from dehydration. Some of the components in Winsol help you wipe out the unnecessary amount of water from your muscles, as a result of which you get tighter and significantly less bloated. You don’t need extra amounts of water to be retained in your system for good.
  4. Allows More Testosterone Pooling: Winsol doesn’t increase the production of testosterone directly, but it surely raises the affinity receptors binding which allows more testosterone to be in your bloodstream. In that state, you will achieve massive fat loss, strength gain and a hell of a recovery time.

What’s In Winsol?

Winsol makers’ claims to add plant extract in their formula due to which there can be no occurrence of adverse events.

If you look upon the ingredients on the back side of the bottle you will see the exact amount of each ingredient is available.

Not much not less, here is what added in Winsol that makes it such a powerful cutting agent.

  1. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCA): BCCA makes sure your cutting phase isn’t cutting the actual muscle mass you want to preserve. It increases the rigidity of muscle mass and helps your body reduce fat content.
  2. Wild Yam Root: Known for anti-inflammatory effects, wild yam root mends the damaged tissues and it also affects your sex drive. I bet you don’t know about this effect of Winsol because I felt it right after a week!
  3. Safflower Powder: Fat reduction demands enhanced blood supply to those regions which are needed to be work on. Safflower extract allows your body to stop fat storing process and consume it as an energy form.
  4. Acetyl L-Carnitine: Creates an energy burst in your system by activating testosterone receptors. After losing minor lean mass in cutting cycle, it helps your body produce pure lean mass which is newly developed and has no fats attached.

Winsol Cycle – How to do it?

Winsol cycle for cutting purposes can be done, but there is a thing you should know about.

If you are new in the fitness field make sure you get advised by your trainer, he can assist you with some basic points about how to start Winsol cycle and what to take during the cycle.

My Winsol Cycle was about 8 weeks in which I designed a 2-hour workout plan along with my trainer and of course the intake of healthy diet had its benefits.

You can also add up another supplement as per your body demands.

Winsol cycle combined with Deca Duro can show significant changes in strength level of a person.

Men with low T-Level can combine Winsol with Testo-Max which works synergistically and delivers amplified effects.

Winsol Dosage

This is totally up to you whether you take the capsules at one time or in a divided dose.

Winsol ingredients

The recommended dose for Winsol is 3 capsules a day, and there are 90 capsules in a single bottle.


It is true that taking all the capsules at once can produce no or little effects, I mean, why the hell you would take Winsol capsules before going to work.

So here was my dosage regimen.

A single capsule of Winsol 30 minutes before breakfast and then I leave for the work.

Two capsules when I get back to the work and preparing for the gym, they say take the capsules 30-45 minutes before exercise so the remaining 2 capsules come in there.

Depending on your exercise schedule, you can alter the dosage timings.

Winsol Results

Ok, the moment you all have been waiting for.

My 8 weeks Winsol cycle results are quite positive and yet honest.

I do cycling every morning for an hour, which helped me greatly to lose fats and works on legs.

After every week there was a slight difference which I am coming to gradually.

My winsol results are divided into 3 phases.

Winsol Results – After 3 Weeks

In the very first week, I experienced a slight stomach bloating.

Maybe it was my first time I laid my hands on bodybuilding supplement, but as soon my workout schedule becomes hectic it was simply gone.

Anyways, combining the effects of the first 3 weeks I must say it helped me.

  • Reduce 2 stones weight
  • Got my chest, shoulders and forearms area ripped
  • Brought a positive change in color on my face
  • Gain maximum strength

Following a strict diet plan where any fat content was restricted to me, I was ready for level up.

Winsol Results – After 6 Weeks

To be honest, I have been doing gyming for years, but the amount of energy I feel now is almost unfamiliar to me.

I wanted to work on my abs so I started doing crunches for a straight 20 minutes after every workout. In only a week I pushed the abdominal area right back in and now I can fit into my shirts.

Managing belly fat was something that got me the happiest, but there are more effects which I got at the end of the 6th week.

  • I lost another stone upon strict workout
  • My skin tone is improved
  • Physical agility is highly improved
  • My sexual performance is above the chart

We go to mountain climbing once a week before I used to take 30 minutes to climb up now I only need 10-12 minutes.

See the difference?

8th Week

Winsol ingredients are clinically tested to enhance men’s strength level and other physical traits.

At the end of my cutting cycle, I was overwhelmed to see the following effects which made Winsol one of my favorite bodybuilding supplements.

I used Winsol for bringing a charm in my body and personality and it indeed DOES IT!

Below are the Winsol results I got after completing the 8th-week cycle.

  • Whooping 8 pounds of fat reduction
  • Ripped and lean beach body is what I got
  • Physical and mental agility
  • High endurance level in any given task
  • Took my workout to a whole new level

Does Winsol Really Work?

It’s not like someone recommended me Winsol and I ordered it right away.

Winsol cycle before and after results

I did my part, by doing research online and consulted different people at the gym after which I reached in the decision of using one for myself.

Winsol with a regular workout can indeed work by improving your body, cutting skills and makes it swift in multiple ways.

FDA approves the Crazy Bulk supplements for their safe and effective formula.

Availability of Winsol

Let’s see if you can find Winsol in the following sources which people rely too much on these days.

Winsol Amazon – NOT AVAILABLE


Winsol Walmart – NOT AVAILABLE

Where to Buy Winsol Online?

Unlike the fake and non-effective cutting supplements which can be found anywhere, Winsol has been maintaining its reputation for which it is only available at the official store of Crazy Bulk.

Buy Winsol online

From the official website, I mean their online website which is on 24/7.

What I did was ordered the 3 month’s supply of Winsol and they gave me a huge discount on it.

It’s a great and safe place to buy the supplement, and if you wish to see the customer reviews about Winsol it might help you with planning a suitable dietary or exercise regimen.

Moment of the Truth – Should You Buy Winsol?

Changing one’s body shape and size is not as easy as it sounds like.

You have to put too many efforts and keep it the same for a particular period of time.

Even after that, some men are unable to achieve the best results.

That is because the majority of us are not getting a proper diet, which our body demands, to fulfill the body requirements one must choose the right kind of supplement which not only re-shape your body but also do it safely.

My Winsol review clearly dictates that it is indeed the best and safe form of cutting supplement which exalts your body efforts to the highest degree.

I never had this much energy before, but now it’s all different from my perspective.

Either you take the synthetic steroid which will destroy your body in a short while, but provide maximum results or turn yourself to the natural and 100% safer way.


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