8 Fat Blasting Strength Training Workout You Can Perform at Home

Not all of us can commit to a full-fledged gym routine on a daily basis.

At times, it is the long distance that discourages people and sometimes it is their busy routines that keep the thought of joining the gym someday at bay.

tips for workout at home

But in spite of that, everyone wish to have that perfect beach ready body- a body that is good enough to distract people around!

Thankfully, the inability to join gym does not mean that you can never gain your fitness goals.

You can- and that too- without spending a fortune on the gym fees and stepping out of your comfort zone!

Here we bring you eight very effective strength training ideas that are guaranteed to bring in the best shape of you.

We bet, these workouts are sure to fire up your fat burning potentials- without demanding much from you.

Let’s have a look:

1) Lower body workout for the freshers

This is highly suitable for all the newbies that have recently embarked on their fitness journey.

It is an easy, yet result-yielding straightforward workout that aims to tone up all the lower parts covered with thick deposition of fats.

Exercises you will be covering in it are:

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Squats
  3. Split lunge jumps

As you can notice, none of these calls for an advance tool and are merely bodyweight-based, though, you will need dumbbells for deadlifts.

So, while choosing a pair- consider the medium one.

2) Bodyweight Arms and Abs workout

Well, if you are daring enough- good luck with the pain and aching afterwards!

But of course, this pain will about gain later.

3) 3-Minute Squat and Plank workout

Against all those time taking and complex workouts, we fell for this one!

Indeed, nothing can beat it for it will give you the best out of best in a matter of minutes.

Essentially, this strength training focuses on serving two key purposes, shaping of torso and firming the butts.

Apparently, these effects may sound too good to be true specifically when it takes few minutes to complete.

But it wouldn’t take you long to admit once you feel short of breath right after it!

And of course, not to forget mentioning that it requires no tools too.

4) Arm workout

If you aren’t a weightlifting junkie and are completely new to the world of weightlifting, the weighted upper-body workout will be the best possible start for you.

This will at least, help you get familiar with dumbbells!

5) Full- Body Dumbbell workout

Now this is for all those seeking some major and noticeable changes in their body.

It is an all-inclusive strength-training workout that will pull and set ‘everything’ on fire!

That’s very much true.

Remember, you have a long route to go- all the way from deadlifts to bent-over rows- so make sure you make it a fun time for it will turn out to be reward, worth struggling for.

6) Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

Then there is another effective broad ranging workout that is sure to impress.

However, it will require a great deal of strength to perform for stepping ahead from animal flow going all the way to explosive deadlifts is no easy job.

Similar to all the other workouts, this too, can be done at home and will need nothing but a kettlebell.

But you will need a great deal of space as you cannot limit yourself to a particular spot for the entire workout.

Believe it or not- the end results will instate your belief on the significance of exercises.

7) 25 Minute Full-Body Dumbbell workout

The workout is based on a session of exercises that will cover your overall body and will call for a set of 10 pounds dumbbells and nothing else.

Of course, as the name hints, you will be giving your precious 25 minutes to it, but mark our words, those will yield the sweetest fruit for you.

Remember, there is a ground rule for it that can never be ignored.

You need to warm up your body before you begin and settle it down once you are over with it.

8) Tone it Up’s total body Dumbbell workout

As the name suggests- this is meant to tone up your entire body, in a single shot.

dumbbell workout for home

Interestingly, it is based on a very smart trick that employs the switching of weight from heavier to lighter.

For the first seven reps of every exercise, trainers use the heavier set while they need to perform the next seven using a comparatively lighter set.

The technique is considered essential to achieve the precision of form and for the improvement in strength as one progress to heavier dumbbells.


Hey, don’t you think you are ready enough to start- so cut the weight and get going for the best!